RobRoseGarden2Rob Dinsmoor grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, got his B.A. at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire (where he edited the student humor magazine), and then moved to New York, where he broke into medical writing. While he was there, he helped to found the edgy and popular comedy troupe, Chucklehead, an experience he wrote about in his first book, Tales of the Troupe. Through Chucklehead, he wrote dozens of scripts for MTV and Nickelodeon.

He now lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts, where he continues to write about health and medical issues. He also writes fictive memoirs, pieces in which he disguises real characters he has encountered. His life changed dramatically when he started practicing yoga, and even more when he started teaching yoga. He wrote a highly irreverent account of his colorful-to-absurd adventures in the world of yoga, called The Yoga Divas and Other Stories. Does Dixie Like Me? is a collaboration with his best friend and favorite artist Helen Kamins, about gaining the trust of her rescued dog Dixie.